Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue


    • Carolina Blue is a beautiful light blue pearl that would look great in any application.
    • 1st picture of speedshape is with a black base. A lighter base will brighten the color and vice versa. Different base colors will effect the overall look. Always test before applying.
    • Eye Candy Mica pearls (10-60 microns) are made with the finest Mica, Titanium Dioxide – Use for ⭐ plastics ⭐ slime ⭐ epoxy ⭐ nail polish ⭐ automotive paint ⭐ lacquer ⭐ soap ⭐ resins ⭐ fiberglass ⭐ bath bombs ⭐ lip stick ⭐ lip balm ⭐ latex ⭐ rubber ⭐ screen printing ⭐ candle making ⭐ cosmetics ⭐ blush ⭐ crafts ⭐ jewelry ⭐ Plastidip ⭐ Halo EFX ⭐ P1 Coatings ⭐ lotions ⭐ creams and so much more!
    • Eye Candy pearls are used around the world. We’re always adding new products and colors while priding ourselves in CUSTOMER SERVICE, QUALITY, and PRICING. If you have any questions concerning our products please reach out to us here, facebook, or our website.
    • Sold in 5, 25, and 50 gram sizes

Caution: Color varies somewhat depending on pearl input amount, number of coats, color of base.

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Weight .1 lbs

25gr, 50gr, 5gr


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