Golds (11) Sample Set

Golds (11) Sample Set


  • *11 COLOR* mica pigment variety pack on some of our “Golds”. Whether you’re wanting to test our colors without having to purchase larger containers or just need something for a small project, this is it. These pigments would look great in any application.
  • This pigment set includes (2) grams of (11) colors:: 14k Nugget Gold, Chrysta Gold, Golda Gold, Kin Gold, Krysanthe Gold, Kula Gold, Ora Gold, Oria Gold, Shiba Gold, Taba Gold, and Zerrin Gold.
  • Our “Golds” set colors have a wide spectrum of particle sizes ranging from 15 – 700um.
  • Here’s a link to all our GOLD pigments.
  • Different base colors will effect the overall look. Always test before applying.
  • Each color comes in (2) grams of Eye Candy™ Mica pearls (10-60 microns) which are made with the finest Mica, Titanium Dioxide – Use for ⭐ plastics ⭐ slime ⭐ epoxy ⭐ nail polish ⭐ automotive paint ⭐ lacquer ⭐ soap ⭐ resins ⭐ fiberglass ⭐ bath bombs ⭐ lip stick ⭐ lip balm ⭐ latex ⭐ rubber ⭐ screen printing ⭐ candle making ⭐ cosmetics ⭐ blush ⭐ crafts ⭐ jewelry ⭐ Plastidip ⭐ Halo EFX ⭐ P1 Coatings ⭐ lotions ⭐ creams and so much more!
  • MICA pearl pigments have been around for centuries and are made from mica and earth pigments. Their NON-TOXIC characteristics, animal friendliness, irritant and stain free, while being gentle and safe to your skin. The mica powders are chemically colored for light fastness. Pearlescent, Iridescent colors are transparent pigments allowing light to reflect and refract to create depth and pearlized effects.


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