Goryo Ultra Flakes

Goryo Ultra Flakes


  • IT’S HERE! Translucent Ultra Flakes! One of our most vivid flakes yet and pricing to beat.
  • Goryo Ultra Flakes have green, blue, gold, in the pearl. Green is dominant color. (Outside & Professional Pictures Coming)
  • Particle sizes vary.
  • Sold in 15 g bag (5g bags coming soon)
  • 10 g per gallon is recommended.
  • Mix well and check your gun between coats.
  • Recommend 1.8 tip. If using a smaller tip, please make sure the flakes are mixed well.
  • These are not your typical flakes. Softer and thinner flakes which allows them to lay smoother.
  • The picture shows with (Main) Flakes up close, (Second) Flakes, (Third) Black Base. (Forth) Black Base (Fifth) White Base.
  • Can be used with liquid wrap products such as PlastiDip, Halo EFX Coatings, P1 Coatings, AutoFlex, and Proline.
  • Can be used for fingernails, flooring, soaps, epoxy, and many other applications.

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